Organisational Background

The Burngreave Messenger was first published in July 1999 to serve the Burngreave area of Sheffield. The newspaper was started by local people on an entirely voluntary basis and everyone involved was ‘determined that it should both be the property of local people and reflect their views’. We did it because:

After two black and white issues in 1999, we received funding from BNDFC (Burngreave New Deal for Communities) to produce part-colour issues for ten months of the year. From 2007 we reduced the number of issues to six per year, to focus more on supporting residents to be involved in the production of the newspaper and work on the long term sustainability of the newspaper.

The drive towards volunteer support and involvement helped to develop our activities in line with our core purpose of building capacity in the community. We now:

In July 2009 the Burngreave Messenger became a registered charity. Our charitable purpose is to build the capacity of Burngreave residents through the production of the Messenger newspaper and website.

We aim to:

The Burngreave Messenger has been supported by a range of funders including the Tudor Trust, the Big Lottery Fund, Burngreave New Deal for Communities, Comic Relief, The Town Trust, Sheffield City Council, through the Area Panel and North East Community Assembly, and Neighbourhood Learning in Deprived Communities.

The Burngreave Messenger is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity, run by residents of the Burngreave area.

If you would like to know more about the Burngreave Messenger or get involved please contact us:

The Burngreave Messenger Ltd, Abbeyfield Park House, Abbeyfield Road, Sheffield, S4 7AT

Tel: 0114 2420564

Email: <>

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